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Cambridge CELTA is the most internationally recognised qualification for teaching English as a foreign language. It is a basic requirement to teach in quality English language schools around the world.
Full Time Celta Course: 4 week intensive
Part Time Celta Course: 10 weeks
Online Celta Course

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Hyland Language Centre is an official preparation centre for the Cambridge CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) international qualification. You should choose this course if you want to open up a whole world of exciting English language teaching opportunities and you have little or no previous teaching experience.

Cambridge CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) is the original and most internationally recognised qualification for teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). It is a basic requirement to teach in quality English language schools around the world.

We have Full Time Celta Course (4 week intensive), Part Time Celta Course (10 weeks) or an online Celta Course.

FULL TIME CELTA COURSE (4 week intensive)

June 2015July 2015August 2015September 2015
1- 26 June6 – 31 July3 – 28 August3 – 30 September


5 October to 14 December 2015 (10 weeks)
(Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 09:00-15:00)


Next course:  29 January to 29 April 2016
Cambridge CELTA Online Information

This blended learning course combines the flexibility of online study with face-to-face teaching practice.

Teaching Practice (TP), Feedback (FB) and supervised lesson planning (SLP) will take place at Hyland Language Centre in Madrid on Friday and Saturday mornings starting in February.


The Hyland CELTA course is highly practical and is assessed through observed teaching practice and practical written assignments. After our course, successful candidates will have developed an awareness of:

  • a range of techniques for presenting, practising and revising vocabulary and grammar, with an emphasis on speaking.
  • how the four main skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing can be taught and learned.
  • a wide range of creative tools to design useful and motivating lessons, using video, visual aids, drama, music etc.
  • how to correct students sensitively and effectively.
  • the characteristics of English vocabulary and pronunciation compared to other languages and a range of techniques to draw students´ attention to these.
  • how to manage a classroom situation, deal with pair and group work and encourage positive group dynamics.
  • how to critique, select and adapt materials from a variety of published and authentic sources.
  • the fundamentals of the English language through the eyes of a language learner.
  • the psychological processes involved in learning a foreign language and the effects on language acquisition of different types of motivation and learning style.
  • their own strengths and weaknesses and the importance of ongoing self-reflection in the role of teacher, colleague and employee.


The timetable of a full time course is from 9am to 5.30pm from Monday to Friday, while the part-time course takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for around 5 hours each day. In addition to these hours, candidates are expected to prepare lessons, complete written assignments and observe experienced teachers at the school. On the full time course, this involves between 3 and 5 hours extra work every evening during the course. It is not possible to have other work commitments during a full time CELTA course.

A typical day on the full time course looks like this, although the exact times may change.

* 09.00 – 09.30 – Individual lesson preparation time
* 09.30 – 11.30  – Teaching Practice
* 11.30 – 11.45  – Break
* 11.45 – 13.00 – Input session
* 13.00 – 14.00 – Lunch
* 14.00 – 15.00 – Teaching Practice Feedback
* 15.00 – 16.30 – Input session
* 16.30 – 17.30 – Guided lesson planning

On the part time course, Mondays and Wednesdays follow a similar pattern, with a different schedule on Fridays. Again, the exact times may change.

Mondays and WednesdaysFridays
* 09.15 – 10.15 – Input session
* 10.15 – 11.15 – Guided lesson planning
* 11.15 – 11.30 – Break
* 11.30 – 13.30 – Teaching Practice
* 13.30 – 14.30 – Teaching Practice feedback
* 09.30 – 11.30 – Input session
* 11.30 – 11.45 – Break
* 11.45 – 13.15 – Input session
* 13.15 – 13.30 – Break
* 13.30 – 14.30 – Guided lesson planning




Teaching practice is an important part of assessment. Trainees teach for a total of 6 hours over the course, divided into lessons of 20 – 60 minutes in length. Students are mostly Spanish and trainees will teach students with two distinct levels of language ability (for example, Elementary and Intermediate). The students are aware that you are a teacher in training. Each lesson receives detailed verbal and written feedback from tutors, outlining what worked well and things that could be improved.


On the CELTA course, trainees are expected to pay close attention and complete an observation task during each other’s lessons, in order to be able to participate fully in a feedback session. While the tutor is present during the session and will guide the process and summarise the main points, it is very important that trainees are able to give and receive constructive criticism in order to help each other in the development of their teaching. The observers often learn as much as those who taught from this process.


During this time, you have an opportunity to sit down individually with the tutor and ask questions relating to your next lesson. Teaching is based on a course book and during the early stages of the course you are given a lot of help and support in preparing your class. However, as the course progresses you are expected to become much more independent in your lesson planning.


Input sessions are very practical and related directly to teaching practice. They cover the main issues of teaching methodology and techniques and language analysis. They are highly interactive and the focus is very much “demonstrate” rather than “explain”. In other words, the tutor will teach you in the way that we expect you to teach your students. In this way input sessions help you to learn on two levels; the content of the session and the techniques that the tutor uses to convey and help you to understand that content.

Authorised Centre_Large_RGB

ESOL Examinations Authorised Centre for Teaching Awards


Cambridge CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) is the original and most internationally recognised qualification for teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). It is a basic requirement to teach in quality English language schools around the world.
The Cambridge CELTA provides a basis in English language teaching (TEFL) both for those with no previous teaching experience and those who have taught before but want an internationally recognised teaching qualification.
There are countless “TEFL” courses on the market but none of them are as widely recognised as CELTA and many do not even include a pratical element with real learners of English. Unlike these other courses, every single CELTA course is assessed by Cambridge University, which ensures that all CELTAs worldwide meet the same high standards.

To read what a highly experienced CELTA trainer and assessor says about choosing your CELTA course:
For information from Cambridge University about the CELTA syllabus and course:




Madrid has all the amenities you would expect from a major European capital city but all within an easily accessible area. Its reputation as a diverse and cosmopolitan cultural centre is well deserved, as is its unparalleled offering of museums, culture, art and entertainment. For more information see:


The school is located in the heart of the elegant Salamanca district, next to Plaza de Colón, in the centre of Madrid. It is easily reached using the city’s excellent public transport including bus, metro and suburban train. Hyland Language Centre is at the cutting edge of language teaching methodology – past and present members of our staff having written some of the best-known ELT course books and materials. The school was founded in 1985 and, although we teach some 3,000 students a year and some 50 teachers work for us, we have managed to remain true to our philosophy of “big but little” and a friendly, personal atmosphere reigns at all levels.
The centre has an extensive CELTA library, complete with all the latest EFL materials for trainees to use. You will also have full access to the staffroom, including internet, computer and photocopying facilities. There are 14 classrooms, all air conditioned and with audio visual equipment, a separate area which serves as a place to relax and meet students and teachers, as well as a staff kitchen.


The teacher training department at Hyland is well established with a reputation for excellence, having achieved a 100% pass rate on CELTA courses. Our tutors are fully qualified and accredited by Cambridge and have a wide range of experience in teaching and teacher training.

Celta Jacqueline Cook

Jacqueline Cook (MA, RSA CTEFLA & DTEFLA) is the public exams co-ordinator at Hyland, where she has been teaching and giving seminars since 1995. She is also a Cambridge CELTA teacher trainer and Cambridge ESOL oral examiner for FCE, CAE, CPE and ILEC.

Celta Silvie Rasikova

Silvie Rasikova (MA, RSA CELTA & DELTA, IHCYL) is a Cambridge CELTA teacher trainer and an Assistant Director of Studies for the Young Learners Department at Hyland Language Centre. She started teaching in 2001 and has worked in the Czech Republic, the UK and Spain. She has completed the IH Young Learners’ Course and RSA DELTA.

Celta Jo Steel

Jo Steel (BA, RSA Cert. TEFLA, Trinity Diploma in EFL) is a CELTA Trainer. She has taught on CELTA courses in Mexico, the USA, Canada and Thailand and has a wide range of experience of teaching children and adults in Spain, Mexico and Greece.


Simply fill in the application form, the pre-interview application task and the written task and mail, fax or e-mail them to our Teacher Training Department. We will then contact you to arrange an interview.

Word documentPDF document
Application FormCELTA-application-formCELTA-application-form
Pre- Interview
Application Task
CELTA-application-task-2009CELTA-application task-2009
Written Task Celta-written-task

The course fee is 1,570 Euros, including the Cambridge entrance fee.

Once you have been accepted on a CELTA course, your place cannot be reserved until Hyland language Centre has received a deposit of 570 Euros. The balance of the course fee must be received 4 weeks before the starting date of the course.
The deposit and fees may be paid either by bank draft payable at a Spanish bank and made out to Hyland Language Centre or by bank transfer to our account number:

  • IBAN: ES24 – 0081 – 0155 – 83 – 0001063815
  • Bank: Banco de Sabadell Atlántico, Calle Velázquez 50, 28001 Madrid.

Important note: Deposits and course fees are non-refundable if the candidates are unable to attend the course. Hyland Language Centre reserves the right to cancel any course that does not fulfil the minimum number of trainee teachers required by Cambridge ESOL regulations. In this case, the deposit will be refunded in full or alternative course dates offered .

For more information on the course and how to apply, please contact Jacqueline Cook in the Teacher Training Department
Phone: +34 91 431 9757
Fax: +34 91 575 7292
Post: Teacher Training Department
Hyland Language Centre
C/ Serrano 19, 2ª planta
28001 Madrid




I would definitely recommend the CELTA course at Hyland. The atmosphere in the academy is warm and friendly and it was a pleasure coming for the part-time course. I have learned so much and can’t wait to put it all into practice.

Storm Adlard, CELTA October-December 2013

It is interesting to discover how CELTA helps you become a better teacher and at the same time it teaches you the meaning of effort.

Candy Gongora, CELTA October-December 2013

CELTA at Hyland was challenging, stimulating and I think (hope) it sets us all up for the real teaching world. I look forward to getting out there. Hyland is an extremely friendly school – everyone is welcoming and chatty and also very helpful. The staffroom is pleasant.

Georgia Dawson, CELTA September 2013

The TPs were great, lots of nerves and adrenaline flying around. Many highs, a few stressed out lows. Very cosy class and tailored to your needs. Tutors very willing to help.

Andy Wheater, CELTA September 2013

CELTA opened my mind to a new teaching approach. It taught me to be more reflective and analyse every aspect involved in the teaching process. It helped me to focus on my students and select among materials. The course is demanding but also an incredibly rewarding learning experience. Teachers were obliging and helpful at all times and the atmosphere at the centre was very convivial. I would definitely recommend it.

Laura Castillo Fernández, CELTA October-December 2013

It was an enjoyable course – more for the classroom hours than the workload, but once finished and looking back on it, I feel it was an interesting and useful course. I’m glad I took it and definitely recommend it to anyone interested in teaching.

Dayne Bower, CELTA October-December 2013

This course has been really worth-while and useful. I’ve really noticed how progress has developed from day one and how our confidence has built up. I really feel this course is what I needed to take on the next step in my career which will now be teaching!

Ana Regalade, CELTA September 2013

The CELTA course at Hyland is very well organised. Input lessons are engaging and well thought out and you learn to teach as if you were in the real world.

Rafael Angel Azuaga, CELTA September 2013

The CELTA at Hyland is really excellent: it’s relevant and up-to-date and you know that everything you are taught will be useful. Yes, it’s a heavy work load for a month, but it’s worth it, and the students were ‘absolutely brilliant’!

Lucy Grove, CELTA August 2013

Thank you very much. The course was very helpful in preparing me for teaching English in Spain. Edmodo is great. Will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues and friends. Thanks Catherine and Jo.

Steven Murtz, CELTA August 2013

I really enjoyed the CELTA course – I learned so much and met some great people. The tutors were excellent and really helpful and patient with all of us. It is definitely ‘intensive’ so not for the faint hearted! But I found immersing myself this way helped me to concentrate and really get the most form the course. I would certainly recommend Hyland to any other English teacher thinking of doing CELTA in Madrid – great facilities and great staff – Thank you!

Helen Parker, CELTA July 2013

The course was great, absolutely brilliant!!! I really enjoyed it. The tutors and the centre were really professional. It was a great experience and I would like to thank you for that.

Joana Zufiaur, CELTA August 2013

The main thing I got out of this course was the interaction with peers, experienced teachers and tutors. The lovely library they have at the centre was a pleasure. The kindness of everyone involved in the course and in the centre. The pupils were such a surprise! They were so much more than I had ever expected. Thank you to everyone. I would recommend and encourage anyone to experience this mad month with Hyland. I couldn’t be happier if I had won the jackpot at the lottery.

Eva Plaza Losa, CELTA July 2013

The tutors are really well prepared and very supportive. They were extremely accessible and readily available to assist me with any question or concern I had.

Christina Barnett, CELTA July 2013

The most important things I learnt from the course were that there are certain criteria and strategies that help and guide teachers. And the whole course is very useful in order to learn how to evaluate yourself as a teacher and recognise what you do well and the areas you need to improve. The best thing about the CELTA course was the TPs and the feedback sessions afterwards (with tutors and partners). The tutors in Hyland were amazing and the environment is very supportive and friendly. Highly recommended!

Maria Niki Niraki, CELTA July 2013

The course has been intense but worth it in every aspect. It is enriching and I got to learn a lot. It is also a fantastic way to meet other teachers and their way of teaching. Doing the CELTA would never be useless, never. You learn something new every day and the Hyland environment is the ideal.

Blanca Marín Planas, CELTA June 2013

The course was very intensive and challenging but I’ve learned so much and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering teaching English as a foreign language. Teaching is a demanding job but it’s also incredibly rewarding and this course has given me a taste of that.

Aisha Brown Colpani, CELTA June 2013

I enjoyed this short but intensive course. It has been incredibly hard work but worth it. I now know so much about how and what to teach. Hyland has been a supportive learning environment and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do their CELTA in Spain.

Annabel Bridge, CELTA June 2013

Not only has CELTA made me a better teacher, but it has also encouraged me to grow personally and professionally. Although it is intense, CELTA has provided me with some of the most applicable, useful and beneficial techniques for teaching ESL. After completing the CELTA course, I now feel confident in my abilities to teach English to speaker of other languages.

Amy Joy Lashmet, CELTA June 2013

The trainers are fantastic, and the rest of the Hyland staff are very helpful and welcoming as well. I can’t begin to describe how much I learned during the course and how excited and motivated I am to continue learning now that it’s over. I feel much more prepared to delve into the world of teaching English and can’t wait to get started!

Lisa Anderson, CELTA September 2012

The course was fantastic. I learnt so much. I really enjoyed the teaching practice sessions and learnt so much from the feedback sessions that followed. The tutors were really excellent – friendly, helpful and full of (constructive) advice! I’d recommend the course to anyone.

Alex Kirkland, CELTA September 2012

I would recommend the Hyland CELTA course. The course is really well-organised and provides good preparation for teaching English in the ‘real world’. The tutors are helpful and approachable. It has been an invaluable experience for me.

Deborah Raine, CELTA September 2012

The ‘nuts and bolts’ of teaching English were conveyed. The best thing about the course.

Marcus Harris-Noble, CELTA July 2012

The most important things I learnt are the skills and everything connected with them. The best thing was the moment I saw students understanding what I wanted them to learn. I feel I have an idea about it, but I think this is just the beginning. I have to do the rest of the journey with my students. The interview at the beginning was what made me decide to come here and not to go elsewhere.

Ada Sandu, CELTA July 2012

Yes, I would recommend the CELTA to others. I feel it has given me a good grounding in all the areas of teaching with regards to theory and practice.

Ocean Zen, CELTA July 2012

I have learnt how to become a better teacher of English, to focus on the learner, to plan lessons in a proper way, and to use a variety of activities in the class. The best thing was that there was always a reason to teach something. Now, I think I am well prepared to teach in the real world. I would highly recommend the course to anyone because it is hands-on experience. It’s just great!

Carolina Castillo, CELTA July 2012

Doing the CELTA course is an enriching experience. Not only did it give me the tools to go on to have a successful teaching career but it also allowed me to meet some interesting people. Hyland is a nice school, with good facilities and friendly people so I’d fully recommend doing the CELTA course here if you are interested in coming to Madrid.

Michael Williams, CELTA September 2011

People asked me why I was doing this course if I have been a teacher for so many years and, sometimes, when I had to do assignments and TPs at the same time and I thought I couldn’t cope, I also wondered why myself. But I have learned a lot; this course will be really useful when I go back to school and I hope my students will benefit from all I have learned. I’ll definitively do things in a different way from now on. I’m tired but so glad I have done it.”

Marta, CELTA July 2011

I would recommend the Hyland CELTA because the tutors are very professional and run the course in a very efficient and well-organised manner. It’s an extremely demanding workload but you feel reassured by the quality of the input sessions and the TP and feedback provided by the tutors. The other staff in the centre have been very welcoming and friendly. This course is an excellent intro to best practice in the classroom.

Daniel Sturges, CELTA July 2011

Although very intense, the CELTA course has to be where I have learned the most about teaching. I like how the course is mostly practical and you continuously receive and give feedback about lessons. I’m definitely prepared to work as an English teacher! I would recommend the Hyland CELTA course to others as the staff and tutors are friendly and always willing to help. The personal attention you receive is excellent! Nevertheless, the course requires a lot of time, dedication and hard work so students must be prepared. There is a reason why the course is called intense!

Christina M. West, CELTA July 2011

This course will prepare you to teach in the real world. The course is tough; there’s a lot of work. The learning curve is steep if you put in the effort and you’ll be rewarded for it if you do. The feedback you receive from the tutors is specific and can be very useful. You get loads of opportunity to put what you learn into practice. I would recommend this course to anyone planning to become an ESL teacher. You will have to work hard, put in loads of time outside of class hours, reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and quickly put into practice the vast amount of knowledge your receive in the input sessions. Before the course I had no idea about teaching or what an ESL classroom was like. After 4 weeks and a lot of hard work I now feel ready and excited to start teaching in the real world.

Nicholas Holden, CELTA July 2011

The environment at Hyland is great, all the staff is very friendly and all the teachers were very supportive. I recommend Hyland as a great place to get your CELTA certificate.

Alicia Barcenas, CELTA June 2011

I never believed the warnings about the level of workload prior to the course, but I soon understood what a commitment that a CELTA course is! The sheer amount of knowledge that you accumulate over the 4 weeks is incredible. After all that work though, the sense of achievement is amazing. The tutors are on hand to help you at every step of the way however, and the course is organised perfectly to support you. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive environment to do this challenging but ultimately rewarding course.

David McFetridge, CELTA June 2011

The teaching practice and feedback I received during the past month was valuable – now that I feel prepared I’m even more excited to teach in the ‘real world’.

Katie Prince, CELTA July 2010

I feel thoroughly prepared to begin my career as a teacher. The tutors are outstanding! Three months ago I would never have imagined that this course would not only equip me to teach but would boost my personal confidence.

Victoria Haig, part-time CELTA January – March 2010

Through all my academic life I have never met such hard-working, dedicated and professional tutors.

Tim Bowman, CELTA September 2009

I honestly can’t imagine teaching without the knowledge I’ve gained through the CELTA at Hyland. The trainers were so accessible and patient. You’ll have your work cut out for you, but the course might just be the most rewarding weeks of your life! You’ll learn practical, hands-on strategies for teaching that you’ll be able to implement immediately. There are a lot of TEFL courses on the market, but the CELTA is the gold standard and Hyland is the place to do it.

Derek Isetti, CELTA September 2009

I feel prepared for the world of TEFL! The tutors were knowlegeable and supportive, the curriculum was practical and dynamic. Definitely a challenge, but worth the effort!

Molly Phillpotts and Patrick Hansen-Schmitt, CELTA September 2009

Undertaking a CELTA at Hyland has been an extremely worthwhile and rewarding experience. The teacher support has been excellent and I certainly feel that I’m now prepared to teach English successfully. It’s also a lot of fun.

Adam Wells, CELTA June 2008

I’ve really enjoyed the CELTA course, despite the fact that it was very intensive. Everything we learned could be put into practice right away, this approach really worked for me. The teachers were professional and make learning fun too, I would definitely recommend it.

Lindie Smelt, CELTA June 2008

With the Hyland CELTA, not only did I learn the teaching techniques necessary to be a competent teacher, but in addition it also changed my attitude towards teaching and learning. Before studying the CELTA, I didn’t like receiving criticism from others, but now I recognise that this is part of becoming a great teacher. I would definitely recommend this programme to others, but with the understanding that it is very intensive and rigorous (i.e. when they say that the course will require evening and weekend studying and preparation, they are not exaggerating!)

David Luton, CELTA June 2008

I found the full-time CELTA course at Hyland to be one of the most useful and practical courses I’ve undertaken, in terms of getting a real insight into the everyday tasks of teaching, and what being a TEFL teacher is all about. I found the teacher training to be thorough (I’m a lingusitics graduate!), evaluative and extremely practical. I was fully prepared and supported for each lesson I taught and all the lessons were watched and evaluated by fully trained EFL teachers. All in all, the training was excellent! The other trainees were really important too as we all helped each other become better teachers. I’d definitely recommend Hyland to anyone who is serious about TEFL.

Hayley Whitefoot, CELTA June 2007

When I started my research for how and where to get a teaching certificate the basic requirements were simple: 1) The course had to be in Madrid. 2) It had to be in June. When I stumbled upon Hyland Language Centre and read they were offering the Cambridge University CELTA I became immediately interested as I knew I wanted to do a qualification which would be recognised anywhere in the world. Most other academies in Madrid only offer their own courses in TEFL or ESL and their certificates are not registered anywhere else. The application process included knowledge-based questions and writing as well as a personal interview. The Hyland CELTA trainer, Lizzy, called me, whereas in other cases I was required to call the school. The CELTA is extremely difficult, rewarding and has definitely changed my life. After working extremely hard during the course, being guided and constructively criticized by my CELTA trainers and peers, I was welcomed with open arms into the Hyland Language Centre family. This summer I’ll celebrate my two year anniversary with Hyland and I’m so glad my basic requirements have been fulfilled and so much more.

Sharon Pfeffer, CELTA June 2006

I decided to do a CELTA course at the end of my first year of university and having learnt Spanish at school, Madrid was the obvious choice. Hyland seemed perfect as it was in a good location, had a great reputation but was also small and friendly. I applied online and then had a phone interview. No parts of the application process were really stressful or difficult, even though I had no teaching experience, because all the trainers were looking for was potential and the right attitude. The interview was relaxed and friendly, which assured me that I’d picked the right school. The CELTA was a very intense learning experience with a lot of hard work and a very steep learning curve but we always had the support of our teachers and my peers on the course (we all became friends very quickly because we were spending so much time together). It was intense at times but ultimately really rewarding and I probably learnt more in my month of CELTA than I did in my whole first year of university. I’d recommend doing the CELTA at Hyland because of all the resources, including the trainers and other teachers who were so helpful and approachable. Since completing my CELTA I’ve worked in summer schools in the UK, this year I’m hoping to go back to Spain to teach and next year I’m planning to teach my way around South America! One of the great things about CELTA is that it’s not age restrictive – although I did mine at 18, my dad is now considering doing one at 60! All you need is to be focused and committed because it’s hard work, but I would definitely say it’s well worth the effort!

Alexandra Haylett, CELTA June 2006

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