Entrance Test

Please choose the correct answer. You shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes in completing this test. If you ask for help or look for the answers you might have to repeat the test. If you do not know the correct answer you can leave it blank and press send.

Elija la respuesta correcta. No debería tardar más de 40 minutos en completar este test. Si pide ayuda o consulta las respuestas puede que tenga que repetirlo. Si no conoce las respuestas es posible mandar el test incompleto.

  • Why'sHow'sWhat'sWho's
  • I’mI’veI areI’ve got
  • They’re girls beautiful.They’re beautifuls girls.They’re beautiful girls.They’re girls beautifuls.
  • does speakspeakdo speakspeaks
  • What does this word mean?What means this word?What does mean this word?What is this word mean?
  • isarebeam
  • havent'tnot hasnot gothasn’t got
  • gowentamwere
  • they not comethey didn’t comedidn’t they comenot they come
  • WouldDoCanAre
  • do you godo you goingdid you goare you going
  • more bigbiggervery bigmore bigger
  • the highesthighesthigherthe most high
  • eversinceagopast
  • Have you ever beenDid you ever wentDid you ever goneHas you ever been
  • have seendid seesawhave see
  • was raininghas rainedraineddid rain
  • liveam livinglivedhave lived
  • I’ve swimI’ve swumI’ve been swimmingI swam
  • tellwill telltoldwould tell
  1. May youMight youShall youCould you
  2. am answeringanswerwill answeranswered
  3. I’m studyingI studyI’ve been studyingI’ve studying
  4. did you gohave you gonehave you beenwent you
  5. have builthave been builthas been builtwas built
  6. to stayto stayedwould stayhad stayed
  7. mustn’tdon’t havenot have todon’t have to
  8. boughtwould buywill buybuy
  9. seeseeingto seethat see
  10. has alreadyhad alreadyalreadywas already
  11. for learningfor to learnto learnto learning
  12. canismightwill
  13. I’m going toI willI wouldI was going to
  14. was workingi have workedhad been workingwill have worked
  15. didn’t tellwouldn’t tellhadn’t toldwouldn’t have told
  16. usuallyusedam useduse
  17. ought have reportedshould reportmust have reportedshould have reported
  18. studiedwould have studiedwould studyhad studied
  19. didn’t youhadn’t youwon’t youwouldn’t you
  20. couldn’t havewould havemight havecould

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