Cambridge CELTA Courses in Madrid


  • To gain the skills and knowledge you will need as a teacher
  • To open the door to teaching opportunities all over the world
  • To have a qualification which is internationally recognised and accepted globally

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Why Hyland?

Hyland Language Centre is located in the heart of the elegant Salamanca district, next to Plaza de Colón, in the centre of Madrid. It is easily reached using the city’s excellent public transport including bus, metro and suburban train.

Hyland Language Centre is at the cutting edge of language teaching methodology – past and present members of our staff having written some of the best-known ELT course books and materials. The school was founded in 1985 and, although we teach some 3,000 students a year and some 50 teachers work for us, we have managed to remain true to our philosophy of “big but little” and a friendly, personal atmosphere reigns at all levels.


Course details and dates

We offer the course in three different formats: full time, part-time and online.

  • Full time: this intensive course runs for four weeks, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30 or 6pm.
  • Part-time: this 10-week course meets three days a week for roughly 5 hours each day.
  • Online: this blended learning course combines the flexibility of online study with face-to-face teaching practice.

CELTA candidates are expected to prepare lessons (with detailed lesson plans) and complete four written assignments. On a full-time course this could very well involve between 3 and 5 hours extra work every evening during the course. Because of the heavy workload, it is not possible to have other work commitments during a full-time course.

FULL TIME CELTA COURSE (4 week intensive)
June 2016July 2016August 2016September 2016
1-28 June1-29 July1-29 August5-30 September
1 February to 15 April 201610 October to 16 December 2016
(Monday, Wednesday and Friday 09:00-15:00)(Monday, Wednesday and Friday 09:00-15:00)
29 January to 30 April 2016Next course: autum 2016

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Cambride CELTA Course Structure and Content

All courses (full time, part time and online) include guided lesson planning, 6 hours of observed teaching practice (TP), teaching practice feedback, observations of experienced teachers and input sessions on the fundamentals of English language teaching. The course will cover 5 key areas: • Learners and teachers and the teaching and learning context • Language analysis and awareness • Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing • Planning and resources for different teaching contexts • Developing teaching skills and professionalism

  • All courses 1.575 Euros, including all Cambridge fees.

    Following acceptance on the course, your place can be reserved by paying a deposit of 575 Euros, with the balance of 1,000 Euros to be paid one month in advance of the start of the course.

  • The Cambridge CELTA provides a basis in English language teaching (TEFL) both for those with no previous teaching experience and those who have taught before but want an internationally recognised teaching qualification.

    There are countless “TEFL” courses on the market but none of them are as widely recognised as CELTA and many do not even include a pratical element with real learners of English. Unlike these other courses, every single CELTA course is assessed by Cambridge University, which ensures that all CELTAs worldwide meet the same high standards.

  • Applicants are normally aged 21 and above, though candidates from 18 upwards are also welcome to apply.

    The course is designed for native speakers of English and non-native speakers with a high standard of written and spoken English. Candidates must have, as a minimum, university entrance level education, and show evidence of commitment, aptitude for teaching and hard work.

  • The Cambridge CELTA opens the door to the world of language teaching on every corner of the earth. Most, if not all, reputable language schools require their teachers to have the CELTA certificate which is a form of guarantee that candidates have a strong and thorough training qualification before employing them.

    Obtaining the CELTA qualification allows teachers to travel the world and live and work in different countries and amongst different cultures. It also provides people with an opportunity to obtain a new set of skills and therefore seek a career change in a relatively short period of time.

    Given the current global economic climate, the demand for CELTA qualified English teachers is growing as the need for students and professionals to improve their English language skills increases.

    Upon completing the CELTA course at Hyland Language Centre the school will consider employing, whenever possible, any CELTA student who is awarded an A or B grade on the course (who is able to work legally in Spain).

    his can include employment for summer intensive courses and/or for year round (academic) programs. Help and support is always available both during and after the course.

    Finally, there is also the opportunity for continued post CELTA course professional development at our Hyland Teacher Training seminars offered throughout the academic year, free of charge to all teachers who complete their CELTA at Hyland Language Centre.

  • Hyland Language Centre can arrange accommodation for the full duration of the course. This is normally a room in a shared apartment with easy access to Hyland and to the amenities of the city centre.

    Prices for a month are around 500 Euros and include all gas, electricity and water.

  • The teacher training department at Hyland is well established with a reputation for excellence, having achieved a 100% pass rate on CELTA courses.

    Our tutors are fully qualified and accredited by Cambridge and have a wide range of experience in teaching and teacher training.

How to apply for Cambridge CELTA TEFL Courses in Madrid, Spain

CONTACT US TODAY and we will send you the application form, the pre-interview application task and the written task for you to complete. Once we receive all documentation we will contact you to arrange an interview.

The course fee is 1,575 Euros, including the Cambridge entrance fee. Once you have been accepted on a CELTA course, your place cannot be reserved until Hyland language Centre has received a deposit of 575 Euros. The balance of the course fee must be received 4 weeks before the starting date of the course. The deposit and fees may be paid either by bank draft payable at a Spanish bank and made out to Hyland Language Centre or by bank transfer to our account number:

  • IBAN: ES24 – 0081 – 0155 – 83 – 0001063815
  • Bank: Banco de Sabadell Atlántico, Calle Velázquez 50, 28001 Madrid.

>> IMPORTANT NOTE: Deposits and course fees are non-refundable if the candidates are unable to attend the course. Hyland Language Centre reserves the right to cancel any course that does not fulfil the minimum number of trainee teachers required by Cambridge ESOL regulations. In this case, the deposit will be refunded in full or alternative course dates offered.

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For more information on the course and how to apply, please contact Jacqueline Cook in the Teacher Training Department

  • Email:
  • Phone: +34 91 431 9757
  • Fax: +34 91 575 7292
  • Hyland Language Centre: C/ Serrano 19, 2ª planta 28001 Madrid, Spain

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