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Interview with our teachers: Huw Evans




How long have you been teaching at Hyland?

Since January 2011 so that´s more than 3.5 years!

What makes Hyland different from other academies in Madrid?

The atmosphere is so friendly and relaxed at Hyland, you get to work with a great mix of people and I´m constantly learning new things. I also really enjoy working with young learners.

What made you decide to be a teacher?

I wanted a new challenge and a new life. I wanted to escape the rain and I love working and helping people.

What did you do before you became a teacher? Any interesting stories?

I worked as a runner for channel 4 TV reality show Big Brother in London for a year, meeting celebrities and contestants. Prior to this I worked in a haunted museum in Wales giving out guided tours in English and Welsh.

What has been your most positive experience in Spain?

Meeting people from all over the world learning a new skill. Adapting to a new lifestyle, the weather etc..

What's the most enjoyable part of teaching students English?

Getting to know the students and seeing them progress and develop.

What do you think is the right age to start to learn a language?

Any age! You just need to work hard. I´m a native welsh speaker so it´s always good to learn another language!

What's been your biggest achievement since you became a teacher?

Conducting teacher training seminars here at Hyland Language Centre and also receiving positive feedback from parents and young learners.

Do you think technology is changing the way you teach?

Of course, we´re all using more interactive activities and using the internet to help make our lessons more innovative and appealing.

Can you remember a funny/strange story that's happened during your time with students?

During my first day in a new school with a group of primary students, halfway through the class water started to pour into the classroom and on top of the students. A full blown flood happened due to a burst pipe in the school, so that was a great first day for me!

What would be your tip for anyone thinking about teaching English?

Be yourself, because everybody else is taken!

Outside of Hyland, what do you do in your spare time?

Playing rugby and I volunteer at a homeless kitten hospice. And I study Chinese.

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