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Frequently Asked questions Reading and Use of English for First

Frequently Asked questions Reading and Use of English for First (FCE)

If you are going to take the FCE Exam, don’t forget these tips:


Read the sources, titles and subtitles of the texts where given; they are there to help you.

Read the words following the gaps in Parts 1 and 2 as they may have an effect on the answer.

Remember that the words you need to write in Part 3 might have to change into a negative or a plural.

Write between two and five words as your answer in Part 4.

Read the questions carefully and check each option against the text before rejecting it (Part 5).

Check the words around the gap carefully (Part 6). The missing word(s) may be forming part of an idiom, fixed phrase or collocation.

Check that the completed paragraph makes sense in the passage as a whole (Part 6). The missing sentence must fit the overall context.

Keep the development of the text in mind.

Read each text carefully before you answer the questions to get an overall impression and understanding of it.

This includes Part 7, the multiple-matching task.

Check your spelling in all parts of the test.

Make sure that you transfer your answers to the answer sheet accurately.


Don’t try to answer any questions without referring carefully to the text.

Don’t spend too much time on any one part of the paper.

Don’t forget to record your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Don’t assume that if the same word appears in the text as well as in an option, this means you have located the answer.

Don’t write the answers to any of the examples on your answer sheets.

Don’t choose your answer in Part 1 before you have read all the options.

Don’t write out the full sentence when answering the questions in Part 4.

Don’t leave the base word in Part 3 unchanged.

Don’t decide on your answer before reading the whole of a sentence in all parts.

Don’t give alternative answers for any questions.

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